Bottle Opener Update

Hey Everyone!  Have you ever gotten into the position when you want to open a cold beverage but can't find a bottle opener?  I used to think that having a bottle opener on the fridge was so un-classy, but I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather be un-classy and be able to find my bottle opener then to be classy and not able to find it.  We purchased a bottle opener from Ikea on my birthday trip.  

I decided to give it a little update to make it more accessible.  I found a magnet from my Crafty Echo stash, my hot glue gun and some glue.

Once the hot glue gun was warmed up I placed a glob onto the bottle opener and then put the magnet into the glob.

Once the glue dried and cooled down it was done!  Place on fridge and enjoy a cold beverage!

Have fun!


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