Bin Labels

Hey Everyone!  If you have kids, you probably have bins of some kind, shape, or form.  We have some of these that I got from Walmart. They work great and have really stood up to the daily abuse from the kids.  The one thing that hasn't lasted has been the labels. I've tried small circle velcro and industrial strength large square pieces of velcro.  Neither of them have worked, so I came up with an idea to try something new.

I printed labels from my computer and then threw them through the laminator.

Then I punched holes on the sides.

Next, I took small zip ties and slid them through the holes and onto the bin.  I tightened the zip ties until the label was tight against the bin.

Then I cut off the excess of the zip tie and turned the sharp part of the zip tie in.

And that's it!  Practically indestructible bin labels. Now if only the kids will put away their toys, ha-ha!

Have fun!


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