Remote Caddy

Hey Everyone!  We have children that think they need to play with the remotes all the time.  In an effort to remain sane we keep our remotes up on the mantel.  Classy, I know, but it works.  Later on when the kids are bigger they'll move to the side table next the couch, but for now they're on the mantel.  When we went to Ikea for my birthday I was walking through the office section.  I stumbled on the Rissla Desk organizer and came up with what is now our remote caddy.  Our remotes are not very thick, so if yours are this might not work.  But for $10, I couldn't pass it up!

RISSLA Desk organizer IKEA Helps you to keep your desk clear from small things like pens, rulers, mobile phone and USBs.

This is ours.

All of the different compartments are great for keeping everything separated and organized!  There's not as much questioning where the remote is, everything has a place!

We're getting ready for a yard sale either this weekend or next, so stay tuned for some tips and tricks to having a successful yard sale!

Have fun!


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