Apron Hooks

Hey Everyone!  Just a quick little project here.  I have a door to my basement that I had put a few nails into to hang the aprons on.  It's been working for about 4 years, but after a while it got annoying every time you opened the door you were getting hit by swinging aprons.  Not to mention to potential jab from a nail.  After Josh had hung up my ikea grocery bag holder on the wall to the stairs I knew it was time to do something about those aprons.  This is what we've been living with for about 4 years.

Thanks to my great friend Lauren and the home depot gift card she gave me for my birthday, I was able to get these hooks to hang up the aprons on the wall.

It wasn't very hard, just a few screws and a couple of anchors and it was good to go!  Here it is now, all tucked away.  Nice and neat!

We hung one hook up higher to hold our adult aprons.

The other hook hangs low and underneath for the kids aprons.  By putting the hook lower the kids are able to reach their aprons too.

The door has been puttied, it'll be sanded and painted eventually.  Such a big improvement by such a little thing.  I absolutely love it!  It's the little things in life!

How do you hang your aprons?

Have fun!


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