New Counter Layout

Hey Everyone!  I've recently read the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo.  If you haven't read it, I'd recommend it.  It's an interesting book with a different mindset for you on what you own, what you need, and what you can do without.  While I didn't agree with everything in the book (ie, I don't believe inanimate objects have feelings).  I did think the book had some good advice on the mindset to let go of what you don't need and keep what you truly love.

When I'm in the kitchen I hated not having enough space on the counter.  I didn't have much room to work with the kids to make breakfast.  They didn't have enough room to make lunch together.  Dinner and dessert were the same.  Not enough room.  Our kitchen has one long counter that includes the sink and stove.  We've put an upside down wall cabinet we got from the habitat for humanity restore along the wall on the side.  I put a board across the top.  Then I've covered it with a tablecloth and then a piece of thick plastic.  Here are the before shots of the counter situation.

We've had this espresso machine for a couple years and I don't use it very much.  Well, actually I haven't probably used it at all the past 6 months.  Into the yard sale pile it goes!

The vitamin's were just on the counter for convenience.  We were keeping the ibuprofen in there, but then Nycki could get to it.  Then Turin was eying the knife block, so that had to move too!

The kitchen counter always seemed cramped and cluttered.  We decided (ok, actually I decided) that the layout needed to change.  We plan on getting a new microwave and toaster after the yard sale if we sell enough.  Then the microwave and toaster would match the coffee pot.  I'd like something like this for a microwave.

Hamilton Beach 1.1 cu ft Microwave, Stainless Steel

And a toaster like this.

Hamilton Beach Cool Wall 4-Slice Toaster, Chrome

While the coffee station cabinet may seem "heavy" the openness of the kitchen counter makes it totally worth it!  What do you think?

We decided to "hide" the bananas in this basket that I had previously had from the dollar store.  It makes the top of the microwave look neat and tidy!

An open counter is just what we needed!

The knife block has since moved to on top of the refrigerator, since Turin was eying it.  Weird placement, but my coworkers suggested it and it's been working for us for the meantime.  It's funny how just moving a few things has impacted our lives so big!

Have you been rearranging things?

Have fun!


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