New Dressers

Hey Everyone!  Ready for the weekend?  I am so ready!  A couple of weeks ago I went to Ikea for the first time!  It was "wow!"  We spent 6 hours there!  Afterwards we were so tired.  We literally shopped until we dropped.  After lunch Nycki curled up in the cart and fell fast asleep for 2 hours, poor girl!

Our first priority at Ikea was to get the dressers we needed.  After we purchased them we loaded them into the Rav4 and carried on with the rest of our shopping.  We got really good deals on things and learned a lot about what we each like.  When we got home I started putting the beasts (I mean dressers) together.  After 10hrs of working on the three dressers, they were put together and ready to go.  What a difference they made!  They seemed much taller when we got them built and in the space, but that didn't matter much to us.  We must have been used to what used to have.  The first dresser we got was my big one.  It's an 8 drawer dresser with plenty of space.  Even for this girl!

It's a huge dresser!  Having so many drawers helps with organizing everything and keeping various things separated.  In the corner upper left corner is my undershirt tank top drawer.  I turned the tops sideways so I could separate the spaghetti tops from the thicker strap tank tops.

While I won't show you my undergarments drawers, they are amazingly organized with these Skubb boxes from Ikea.

My sock drawer is also organized with one of these organizers.  It keeps the socks I don't wear on a regular basis separate from the ones I do wear more frequently.

My t-shirt drawer is mildly organized with solids in one pile, graphics in the middle, and 3/4 length shirts on the right.

My pj drawer is separated into tops, shorts, and pants.

My pants are not really organized and are in the drawer below the pj drawer.  The exercise/lounge wear drawer is on the bottom left hand side.

Exercise t-shirts are on the left with the tank tops in front of them.  Shorts are in the skubb organizer in the middle.  When the exercise pants are clean they are rolled in front of the shorts.  The lounge wear pants are on the right with the leggings rolled in front of them.  And then there is my other dresser...

My other dresser holds mostly my work clothes.  The top two drawers are not very deep, so you really can't stack many clothes in them.  The drawer on the left holds my scentsy wax and candles.  The drawer on the right holds my lint roller, any scrub hats I'm keeping home, and our Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair (this thing is amazing!).

 Underneath that is my scrub tops.

Then underneath that is my tanks, work tanks and long sleeve drawer.  This is the drawer I'm most uncertain about.  It's kind of a hodge podge of clothes.

Then below that is my work long sleeve shirts to go under my scrubs.  My coworker likes to freeze me (thanks Wendy!).  And then below that is my scrub pants drawer.

Of course things may change, but for now this is working for me.  There is so much more space now and everything is concealed.  It's amazing!  I love my new dressers!

What things have you been doing to keep more organized?

Have fun!


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