Hall Linen Closet Renovation

Hey Everyone!  Missed me?  Been super busy and can't wait to share!  If you follow me on Instagram you'll be able to keep up to date on all my projects (*hint *hint!).  Over the winter we kept things on a down low.  But of course I had to squeak in a quick little upgrade to our hallway linen closet.  While it functioned I knew it could function even better.

The closet held tons of our various necessities and back ups.  Here are the lovely before shots!

A hot mess!  That's what it was, a hot mess! The tote on the bottom held our sheets and pillowcases.  Nothing was really working for us with this set up.  The first step was to empty the closet and label the shelves as I took them out.

Next, I pulled the sides off the wall.  They were 1x4's that were taking up too much room on the sides.

After some putty and some sanding it was starting to look a whole lot better!

After the putty had dried and had been sanded, it was time to paint.  I decided to use the leftover paint from the bathroom.  It's a beautiful light blue.  With a little help from the little man and my big man we put up new 1x2 sides onto the wall.  I then painted them white to match the shelves I was repainting.  The preexisting shelves got a new coat of white paint and 2 new boards were added.  Now the closet was going to have 5 shelves instead of 4!

I replaced the boards according to what I had labeled them as and started organizing it better.  The top shelf stayed the same.  It isn't as deep, but that makes it easier to get the toilet paper up there.  We get our tp from Sam's Club, so having this shelf to put the bulk on is great!  Our extra tissues and qtips also go on this shelf.

Below that shelf there is a drawer that holds all our bandage gear (ace bandages, gauze, medical tape, etc).  On top of that I have a basket that holds my extra vitamins.  I refill my vitamin organizer each week from this basket.  Next to that is my handy dandy heating pad.  In the clear tote on the right is our traveling accessories bin, and my unmentionables above that.

The next shelf below that holds two 3 drawer units I got from Walmart.  They are all labeled from my favorite Epson Labelworks label maker.  To the right of those is the baby powder, hydrogen peroxide, and isopropl.  The black pouch above the three drawer unit is our haircutting kit.  I give the boys a haircut about every three weeks.

Each drawer is label according to the various necessities we have.  For example, ointment, bandaids, cough drops, personal, dental, and shaving.

The shelf below this holds the cleaning caddy.  We've found it easier just to grab the caddy out of the closet and take it to where we need upstairs then to go back and forth to the closet to grab what we need.  The difference between us and others I've noticed is that we like having out back ups lined up and in a row.  This helps us to see what we need and what we're getting short on.  We've tried bins before and we couldn't see what we had, we'd end up buying multiples of things we didn't need at the time.

The bottom shelf hold the towels.  The kids towels are rolled up on the right and our towels are folded on the left.  Underneath the towel shelf is the bins I found at Walmart that fit perfectly to the space.

The closet is only 25 inches wide.  I had to find bins that would fit in together and give enough space to move around.  We paired down our sheets and made one bin for the sheet sets and one for pillowcases.

And that was it!  The space has been amazing!  It's impacted our day to day routine like nothing else that we'd yet experienced.  It's amazing what this little renovation has done to our lives!

What organizing have you been doing?

Have fun!


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