Bedroom in Progress

Hey Everyone!  This weekend I spent some time getting the bedroom set and everything ready for selling.  It's quite a process!  You've got to clean everything until it shines and then stage it so that it looks its very best!

You've got to try taking really good photos and then post them on your preferred selling site.  We've already sold the changing table.  That was a hot seller, we had lots of responds for that.  I'm in the process of selling the bedroom set and still need to sell the dresser.

The room will look very different once everything is gone.  In the meantime we're preparing for our trip to IKEA.  We're very excited!  We've never been, hopefully we don't have any troubles getting the dressers.  Also trying to think up some green accents we can use for the room.

Do you have any ideas for green accents?

Have fun!


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