Project for the Future

Hey Everyone!  Over the past week or so I've been daydreaming of a new bedroom for me and Josh.  After I finished the kids bedroom I turned around and saw ours and started to frown.  I got our bedroom set when I was sixteen.  It's served it's purpose.  It's survived 7 moves in it's 13 year life and it still in pretty good condition.  But it's not me anymore, and it's certainly not us.  Everything that is in there is mostly what we came into the marriage with.  So we looked at various things and determined what we like and what we don't like.  Here is our awful bedroom now (*hangs head in disgrace*).

While the mattress and box-spring was our first purchase as a married couple.  The headboard and footboard are not.  It's metal and in the shape of a sunshine.  I painted those paintings above the bed, but I don't really like them anymore.  Isn't my model cute?

The nightstand is a sorry case.  It's all metal, but the top is made of glass.  It's nice, just not me anymore.  Pick up your mess Echo, geez!

I like the bookcase, but the picture needs to move down some.

I love love love my vanity that my husband made me, this won't change.  I just need to pick up my mess, haha!  Chloe's bed is right behind it, this is where all the snoring comes from at night!

The mirror has got to go.  It doesn't stand right anymore, and I don't want to look at myself.  Maybe I'll put one on the back of the door.  The changing table moved in here after the kids bedroom reno took place.  It needs a new home... craigslist!

Josh loves his dresser that he's been borrowing from his dad, but it's time to go back to him and get one of his own.  Josh made the shelf all himself.  Not quite sure what'd we do about that.  Maybe move it to the kids room instead for Turin?

My dresser is in good working condition.  But I hate gold!  I can't stand the handles, but it's a dresser and it works.  The metal and glass shelves on the right hold baskets that hold my work clothes.  This is something I am eager to fix.  I want to conceal these things, not be constantly reminded of work.

Stay tuned for Wednesday when I reveal my plans and dreams for this project for the future.

Have fun!


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