Project Planner

Hey Everyone!  I like to start out the New Year with refreshing my project planner.  It keeps a running organized list of all the different things I want to do or save up for.  Some things seem kind of silly, but it helps to keep me going on different things that I want to do.  First, I start off with a simple 1 inch white binder.  You could find one for cheap at your local office supply store.

Inside my planner you'll find 5 tabs (Budget, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen, DR/LR).

In the budget tab you'll find my list of what I want to do in each room.  I created an excel spreadsheet that contains categories such as room, project/item, cost, item #, and location.

At the beginning of the new year I'll go through each page.  I'll check off the things that I've accomplished and see if there are any new things I want to add.

As you can see above there was a good chunk of checking off, crossing out, and also some writing on some of the pages.  I look at some at the pages and wonder what I was thinking.  "Pictures/Drawing Hanging", what was I thinking?  Not a clue.  In the other tabs I print out examples of the things I want.  It gave me a visual goal or an example of what I might want. Then if there is some thought I want to add about the item I'll write it on that page.

When I have it all straightened out, I fix up the pages on excel and then print them out.  Then I'm starting the New Year with a new plan, a new purpose, and a goal to look to.  

Right now we're looking at possibly buying a new house.  I'll keep you posted if we do decide to.  If we do end up buying this other house and selling our own you know I'll have a whole new slew of projects!  I'll keep you posted!

Have fun!


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