Paint Organization

Hey Everyone!  As I prepare for the next year I thought about my supplies and what I'll need.  The best way is to get organized and do an inventory.  I had these shelves and they were both filled to the brim with paint cans.  I emptied out the paint cupboard and figured out what things were dried up, what things I didn't want anymore, and what I wanted to downsize.

My large cans of stain that were almost gone were all dried up, so I disposed of them.  Then there were three cans of paint I didn't want anymore because they were old or oil based.  I'm still trying to figure out where to take them.  I shook, opened every can, and determined how much was in each can.  If the can was near to full I would mark how much I thought was in the can and the date I checked it.

If there was a smaller portion of paint left or if the can was in bad shape, I decided to downsize it's container.  I found these containers at the Dollar Tree.  They are pretty heavy duty plastic container with a lid that screws on.

Above is the large version, it holds 3 quarts.  I fit my half gallon of paint in here easily.  I love that it has a built in handle on the side!  There is also a smaller size that holds 2 quarts.  I had 1/3 of a gallon left in 3 cans.  The paint fit in the containers easily for these too.

Then I wrote out a label on the top that stated the brand, color, sheen, color code, and location of where the paint has been used.  Normally I would have printed out a label, but alas I'm out of ink.

I also wrote on the label when the can/container was last checked.  When I put what I had left back it was amazing!

Two shelves filled to the brim reduced to this?  Unbelievable!  The two cans on top are brand new.  I want to repaint the porch this summer.  The other can is for painting the ceiling in the living room.  Underneath that is where the magic began for this super duper easy project.  The three cans in the corner are used paint cans that are either nearly full or 7/8th full. 

There's an empty large container behind the one in the front.  There is definitely room for more containers if there needs to be!

How do you organize your paint?

Have fun!


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