Nycki's Trunk: Salon Chair

Hey Everyone!  After an absolutely awful day at work I decided to do a little running around to maybe brighten my spirits.  I went to the ReStore to see what treasures I could find... nothing.  *Sigh*.  I ventured out to the new Goodwill that was built and guess what I found?  An 18 inch doll salon chair!

I saw it on the top shelf, saw the price, and it was sold!  I didn't find any of the accessories that would normally go with it, but I'm sure I can easily find or make some replacements.

It's in relatively good condition.  A couple scratches on the top of the arms, but overall not bad!

On the bottom there is the capability to "pump" up the chair.  It takes three pumps and it's to the top, and then a "drop" pump to bring it back down.  This part works great... score!

And you know what the best part was?  The price!

You can find this exact chair on ebay for $28, but theirs is missing one of the mirror arm parts.  Or you can find a similar one at Walmart for about $14.

I'm thinking about getting this set to go with it from Target.  Still want to think about it.  Any suggestions?

What do you think about my find?

Have fun!


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