Batman Lanyard

Hey Everyone!  Do you ever make one of those gifts and scream in your head, "Score!" or "One Point for (insert name)!".  Yeah, this was one of these.  I had some leftover fabric and decided to make Josh a Batman Lanyard.  He has to wear a lanyard for his identification for work.

I first started out by cutting a 2 inch piece of fabric to the length that fits the person best.  For Josh it was 18 inches.  Each person likes their lanyard to hit at different lengths, so make sure you measure to the person's preferences.  Press both sides of the piece of fabric into the center.

Fold it in half and then sew along each side of the lanyard.  Slip on the key clip and then sew the two loose ends together inside of each other so that there are no raw edges.

Lay the lanyard flat and sew across as shown in the picture above.  Take an excess piece of fabric and wrap it around the place that you just sewed.  This will stop the key clip from slipping around the lanyard.

And that's it!  A super simple project that'll jazz up any work outfit!

Have fun!


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