Personalized Stockings

Hey Everyone!  We're mostly done decorating for Christmas and did something really special to a wall that you see when you walk in the front door.

On the wall next to the fireplace I put our personalized stockings.  These are not the stockings we use for Christmas.  These stockings are just for decoration.  Josh got his from his Dziadzi, and I got mine when I was in college.  I made small ones for the cats last year and finally found medium sized ones for the kids this year.

I found these two stockings at the Dollar Tree.  They're a bit fuzzier then the other ones, but they'll work.

I used gold puffy paint to write the names on the white on the top.

And this is what I got!

After they were hung up with Command Hooks, it was complete!

What do you think?  It's a super easy fun project to do to personalize any stocking!

Have fun!



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