DIY Willow Tree Angel Stand

Hey Everyone!  I'm back today with another super simple DIY Willow Tree project.  While looking at the Willow Tree website I saw this stand on there that I thought was pretty cool for your angel.  Again, money is tight right now so I came up with this idea to make one of my own.  I cut two 1x3 pieces of wood to be 2.5 inches.  This made each block of wood to be a square.  I cut a small section of a 1 inch dowel that I had leftover to 4 inches.  

After everything was cut, I sanded all the pieces.  While I was staining another project I used the Rustoleum Driftwood stain (same stain that I had used on the DIY Willow Tree Creche), I stained the three pieces of wood I had cut and sanded.  Once everything had dried I took some hot glue and started gluing the three pieces together. 

I decided which square was going to be the base and which was going to be the top.  Then I glued the dowel to the base.

Then I flipped it over and hot glued the dowel to the top with it upside down.  This gave me more ability to exactly position the dowel where I wanted.

And that's it!  A super easy stand to put my Willow Tree angel on.  I love how the angel looks like it's looking over the Nativity scene.


How are you coming up with ways to save money this holiday season?

Have fun!

P.S. I am not sponsored to promote Willow Tree, I just personally love them!


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