Window Wreaths

Hey Everyone!  Tomorrow we decorate for Christmas.  In preparation for that I decided to make these super simple wreaths to hang in the window.  First you'll need some non-lit branch garland.  I purchased mine at Walmart for $1.98 for 9ft.

I took it and shaped it into a circle until I got it to the size that I wanted.  Then I cut where I needed to with my wire cutters.  If you have heavier duty wire cutters I'd recommend them.

I then took one end and wrapped it around the other end with the branches.  If the piece I was working with didn't have about 4 inch of clear wire I would cut a couple branches off.  This makes it less bulky with the branches were they meet and it also makes it easier to wrap the two pieces together.

When that's done you'll get a great little wreath.

I took red ribbon from the dollar store and tied it to the wreath.  I tied a loop at one end for its hanging purposes.  I then took little red velvet bows I found at Goodwill for 99 cents and  tied them on at the bottom of the ribbon.

To hang mine up I took at small command hook and put it on the top of the bottom half of the window.  And that's it!

A cute little wreath for a Christmas window!
Have fun!


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