Mini Christmas Trees

Hey Everyone!  If you haven't noticed, everyone on the blogosphere has been showing their small christmas trees they got from the Target dollar spot.  We had been looking at one at Walmart for about $10 to put on the kids dressers to make them a little more festive.  So when I saw everyone saying they were getting theirs for $3, I wanted to jump on that!  At the time that everyone was showing their trees on Instagram I was up North where there was no Target.  After a quick text to Josh, he dropped by two in the local area.  Neither of them had them.  After a short period of disappointment my wonderful husband texted me he found the same tree at our local grocery store, Kroger!

And it was only $4!  Josh surprised me and the kids by buying mini battery powered lights for the trees for about $5 a piece.  Each tree we spent $9.  About the same price as the tree at Walmart, but with lights!

Don't forget to check out your local grocery store, who knows what you might find!

Have fun!


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