Last Week Recap

Hey Everyone!  I'm back!  I just got back from a 14 hour trip North and now I'm back in civilization in the South.  While I was up there I visited my mom and helped her fix up her new home.  While I would love to share with you absolutely everything including the beautiful home she purchased or other amazing family things, unfortunately I can't.  But what I can share with you are some of the things that I did.  She just moved in not that long ago and finished painting most of the rooms.  As with any moving process there are many adaptations that have to be made.

The bathroom was in dire need of a toilet paper roll holder.  I had to put anchors into the drywall because of the awful plaster that covers all the walls.  I love the color of the holder, it goes with the theme she is going with.

Along with this I also tightened the towel holder so it didn't keep falling off.  If you don't take off your hardware and end up painting it, make sure you take scrape off the paint where you are tightening your screw.  It won't tighten properly if there is paint in the way.

I also caulked the sink.  If you are painting and don't get a clean edge a good trick it to put down a bead of caulk.  Fixes it every time!

While I was up there I also put up my sisters 30lb mirror.  Why does this thing weigh so much?  I got a special picture hanger to make sure it would hold up to the weight of the mirror since it was so heavy.

On the other end of the spectrum was mom's mirror which was very light weight.  Which only needed two clasps to hold it up.

I also fixed my sister's bed so the legs wouldn't slide from the frame of the bed.  L brackets are wonderful things!

I even put up shelves!  Ok, now don't laugh at me.  They are perfectly level with the world.  Just not the house.

I built not one desk (this one is for my little brother),

But two!  This one will be for my mom to sew at.  Like mother, like daughter.

This table I put up on braces on the sides and the back and then in the front I put a leg support.  It's 64 inches long, so it'll be a great work table.  It's not pretty or perfect.  But it'll work!

These are only a few things that I accomplished while I was there.  Not including putting on cabinet doors, caulking the tub, organizing, cleaning, picking/dropping off kids, installing a closet rod, taking care of the dog, appointments, helping mom at her work, and shopping of course!

I had a great week, hope you did too!

Have fun!


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