Cardboard Moose

Hey Everyone!  I've noticed that a lot of people that are putting reindeer on their walls and decorating them for Christmas.  So I thought that I would make my own.  I was going more for a reindeer, but it turned out to be more like a moose.

First I designed the side of my moose.  As you can see it's very angular.  Making cardboard curve is hard.  I didn't want to make it more tricky then I had to.  So I made it be angular.

I actually ended up using this one above as a template and made a couple more that I liked better.  Then I took 4 inch pieces of cardboard and started cutting and gluing them onto the two side pieces.  Measuring and cutting as I went.

I cut out ears and antlers.  Which was trickier because of the curves.  Then hot glued them on.  Once it was done this is what I got!

I still want to paint it's antlers gold so that it has a little pizzaz.  We're getting ready for Christmas, are you?

Have fun!


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