Window Trim

Hey Everyone!  The 3rd Bedroom basement is slowly coming together.  A while ago I cased the windows.  Probably not the fanciest or correct job ever, but it works, and it looks good.  I took 5/8th thick plywood and cut each piece according to each side's wonky dimensions.  Of course in a house this old, nothing is square or level.  Any gaps I had, I filled in with wood putty.  I sanded them down and then once they were sanded I painted them white.

I measured the width of each side then cut the trim at a 45 degree angle.  Then I placed a bead of liquid nails on the back.

Then I nailed the trim up.

Make sure you clean up any glue that may have leaked out.  I used a wet paper towel and wiped it clean.

Once each side was done, I took this handy dandy tool and my hammer to push the nails in deeper so that they were flush.

I then took caulk and filled in my seams, especially the area where the trim met the imperfect casing.

For the side window I didn't need trim on the top.  So I just put it on the sides and bottom.

The window at the back was right against the closet wall and had this angled edge to it.  I trimmed the top, right side, and bottom.  Then I caulked the left side to give it a clean smooth edge.

I even trimmed out the top of the closet door.  Eventually I'll put trim up on the sides when I get some more.

What do you think?


The trim makes such a world of a difference.  After putting so much work into the window casings I really don't want to screw cheapo blinds into them.  I'm going to sew some lightweight curtains and hang them with a tension rod.  Plus, the curtains will give a pop of color to the room, added bonus!

Eventually we'll replace the windows with new basement ones, but for now this makes a huge difference!

Have fun!


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