Trash Bag Spiderweb

Hey Everyone!  Are you getting ready for Halloween?  We're not into Halloween very much here, but Nycki has been asking for it, so we've decorated the place a little bit.  One of the things we tried was a trash bag spiderweb.  For the original tutorial, look at How About Orange, whose came out way better then mine.

First, cut off your edge and square off your trash bag.  Then cut the two sides apart so you then have two pieces.

Fold one piece into quarters.

Then fold into a triangle.

Tape the side together so that you're not fighting the bag to keep it in place.

Draw out the spiderweb design.

Cut out your design.

Open and then hang up!  And you're done!

Depending on how you fold your trashbag and how you cut it out will decide what you'll get in the end.  It's like a paper snowflake design.

The only thing I didn't like was that my silver marker was visible hung up.  If you're brave enough you can cut out your design without drawing it on.  Or you could use a black trash bag and draw on it with a black sharpie marker.

Have fun!


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