Crafting a Pirate Ship

Hey Everyone!  Happy Halloween!  This was the post I was trying to post on Wednesday.  My computer's internet wasn't working, and then my phone wouldn't publish the post.  Sometimes it just doesn't work out.  But here we are....

Not all crafting things have to be done for a useful purpose.  Sometimes you  just need to do something just for fun.  Wednesday I brought home a big box from work.  We cut off the flaps.  Rolled one of the long flaps and made a tube from it.  Then we taped it rolled up with duck tape.    We put it into the box at the end and taped it into there.  After that I taped together the two end pieces to be the sail and then taped it onto the rolled tube. Then I gave the kids some crayons and let them go crazy on it.

We ended up calling it S.S. Ducky.  I had to cut a door into the box because of my little man's short legs.  I duck taped it to give it some character and an edge that won't give the kids a paper/cardboard cut.  They think it's pretty fun.  Turin is really big into pirates right now.  He keeps getting into it and saying "ahoy matey" and "argggg".

Have fun!


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