Craft Room Makeover

Hey Everyone!  Putting together the 3rd Bedroom requires putting together the craft closet.  In order to do that the closet insides need to be painted.  I want to paint the inside of the closet white so that it feels bigger and brighter in there.  

We've started by putting a couple layers of primer on.  Now I say couple because I did one coat, and it didn't cover it.  And Josh did another coat and it looks patchy.  We were trying to use what we had and not purchase anything.

We were using a foam roller.  Big mistake.  Now I need to go and purchase a different roller refill for my 6 inch roller and a quart of white semigloss paint.  A 6 inch roller works best in this space because it's small and gets around the bars that are on the wall for the shelf.  In the meantime I'm modifying the wooden shelves I have for the closet.

They are those ones that you get in college that'll connect together.  With this I realized that they were ten years old.  Man am I getting old.  So I knew it was time for a shelf renovation.  I took them apart after I had marked where they over hung the top.  I know I'm never going to be putting them together again, they're just not stable enough for that.

Once I took them apart I used my Skil Miter Saw and cut off where I had marked.  Then I put them back together and they looked like this.

Tonight after I started feeling better.  This virus has been kicking my rear end.  I painted them dark gray.  I used what I had left that I thought would look good with the room.  I also thought the dark gray would pop against the white walls and play well with the teal accent color I was choosing.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling even better and will be able to put on a second coat onto these bad boys and hopefully get to paint the craft closet.  One can only hope right?

Have fun!


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