A Little Longer Wait

Hey Everyone!  I'm unfortunately here to disappoint you.  I was hoping the 3rd Bedroom would be ready for a reveal today, but alas no such luck.  I started pulling everything out from my craft closet to clean it, purge, and organize it.  Bahaha.  It's like when the clowns pile out of a mini car.  Explosion!

Crazy business!  So while I try to come up with a solution to everything I'm also trying to work out my "dream" craft closet.  I have a vision, and one day I will get there!  On the other side of the room everything has just piled over there.  Where does all this stuff come from.  So we will be working on installing drawer handles and organizing everything.

 In the meantime we are enjoying the room being done!

Have a good weekend!
Have fun!


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