The Ceiling is Done!

Hey Everyone!  Great day in our house!  We are done the ceiling!  It's been the longest two months of my life!  I took a day off from work and woke up at 630am to get started.  I went downstairs to the basement and started by cleaning the ceilings by taking our swiffer sweeper and running it along the ceiling to remove any chunks of drywall dust that may be remaining clung to the wall.  Of course there was things that needed to be sanded again.  It's hard being a perfectionist and trying to get something perfect.  Sometimes you've just got to let go.

When I started painting I started with my Blue Hawk Angle Brush.  The ease of using this brush is indescribable.  Cutting an edge with paint is super smooth.  My all time favorite brush!  I started to despair at this point.  I was so emotionally needing to see some form of transformation.  After doing he trim I just couldn't see it.  I took a break and ate some breakfast.  

After my large cup of coffee and Lance-a-muffin I was back at it.  This time I was rolling!  I finished the first coat of paint and used about 7/8 of a gallon on just the first coat.  Now I could see a transformation!  I then had to go back to good ol' Walmart and grab another coat of primer.  I decided to paint the ceiling with the primer.  I needed the primer coverage and had no problem with just a basic white for the ceiling.  While I was there I picked up 2 gallons of gray paint.  Josh and I determined the gallon of mixed paint that I had wouldn't cut it for painting the walls.  If we tried to take it to the store to get it matched it probably wouldn't work, so we just bought 2 gallons of the same paint.  We chose the one on the bottom, Pebble Gray.

Me and Nycki came home and I started on the second coat.  It was looking even better.  Because we used three different kinds of drywall the soffits need to be painted for a third time.  A couple hours later I was able to do just that.  And now it's done! What do you think?

The front of the room...

The view to the back... the large indent...

The small indent...

From the back.  Do you like my little picture taking helper?

Have fun!


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