Sunglasses Case

Hey Everyone!  I was tired of my sunglasses getting scratched and we were about to go on a trip, so I decided to make a case for a couple of ours.  First, you place your glasses on your cutting mat to get the size dimensions you'll want.

I made our cases 4 inches by 7 inches.  Cut your fabric to size plus 1 inch for seams.

Cut batting the same size minus 1 inch from the top because you don't want to have too much bulk at the top.

Press the top over to the 7 inch mark and then press in a 1/4 inch inside the flap to help give you a clean edge.

Insert your batting and sew with the fold open, like this.

Sew all around the edge and cut off any excess.  Cut small squares out of the corners so you don't have bulk in the corners when you go to turn it inside out.

Fold over the flap and sew a 1/4 inch from the bottom edge.  This will give you enough room to insert a ribbon to tighten and tie off the opening.  Leave a small opening to insert the ribbon or cut a slit in the side to run the ribbon through.

Turn right side out, insert ribbon in opening.  And that's it!

Have fun!


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