Starting Drywall

Hey Everyone!  Have you been having a good Labor Day weekend?  This weekend we were busy bees.  Now that the soffits are built, it was time for drywall.  Drywall is hard.  Harder then you'd think.  And if you're a perfectionist, then it's an awful experience.  After a while all you can think is "just get it up, just get it up!".  

We got a drywall lift from a local rental company.  In my ignorance I thought it'd be more useful and make it go so much quicker.  Oh silly Echo, nothing ever goes as quickly as you think it would.  The biggest/hardest part of the ceiling is the big indent.

We've never rented a drywall lift before.  I thought it would start at waist height and go up to the ceiling.  Haha, no, you have to lift it above your head onto a moving lift and then raise the remaining inches (for our low ceilings it was like 5 inches *sigh*) to the ceiling where the lift will hold it there.  Our arms got a work out!

Once you had your drywall piece cut and put into place.  The lift held it in place while the drywall was screwed into place.  That was my job.  I did this, while Josh prepared the next area to be covered.

When we moved onto our second piece of drywall we had to cut a hole for the ceiling light.

Then we put the piece up.  Not too bad, huh?

The rough edges will be covered up by the light.

By the afternoon on Saturday we had the whole large indent up.  I'll have to wash away the chalk lines that indicated for us where the studs were.  That'll kind of be a pain, but I have to so I don't get red chalk in my primer.

Monday morning (woohoo for a day off from work!) we worked on the small indent and the soffits.

We got the whole small indent put up, including cutting out a place for the light.

We got some of the underneath of the soffits covered, but still have a bit to go.  Hopefully next weekend we'll get the rest of the drywall up.  Then I can start the not so fun part, the mudding!

Hope you've had a great Labor Day weekend!

Have fun!


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