In Progress

Hey Everyone!  Not much to post about right now due to the construction and lack of capability to reach any of my crafting things... sigh.  The holidays are quickly approaching and I'm very eager to start on some great holiday crafts!  But before I can, I've got to finish this basement 3rd bedroom.  Ugh... it's like the project that will never end.

In my free hour today I sanded.  If you've ever sanded drywall you probably quit right at the beginning and said "nope, this ain't for me".  Well, that was me.  I started sanding by hand and was like "this is definitely not for me!".  So... I kind of cheated, hehe.  I took that drywall sand paper off my hand sander and stuck it to my electric sander.  I started in an inconspicuous spot, and then once I recognized I could sand the walls well as long as I kept moving the sander I was good.  After a while the paper's velcro would wear out and slip off the sander, so I'd then switch spots on the paper or get a new piece.  I'd say I'm 90-95% finished sanding.  May need a few touch up spots, but otherwise something that would have taken days to do only took me an hour.  Thank goodness I had the guts to try it.  It's looking amazing, what do you think?

Did you figure out what I'm using the driftwood stain on?  Here's another clue...

Have a great week!
Have fun!


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