Drywall is Up!

Hey Everyone!  Josh was a busy little bee this weekend and finished putting up the drywall.  He did an amazing job!  Due to my muscular disabilities (aka I'm a girl!), I was unable to do some of the drywalling.  I just don't have the muscle to cut through the drywall with a utility blade.  Then there is the muscle and coordination that you need to hold things up and screw them into the correct place.  I went down and helped him when he needed help lifting the really big pieces, but he did most of it (90%) on his own.

He did such an amazing job!  I'd be starting to get giddy about this project, but now I have to really get going on all the little details in the joint compound.  Here is what it looks like now.


This is the weird nook for the window on the side of the house.  We needed to box it in so that we could continue getting light from the window and not cover it up by the soffit.

The small indent.

The view from the back of the room.

This is the weird soffit by the door we had to build to cover the weird duct that was coming out of the wall.  It was a pain because we had to try to make it as level as possible.  In a non-level room it's pretty hard to do!

Here is a video to give you a more comprehensive view of the room.  First video, please be patient with me.  Video is my hubby's area of expertise!

If you're having trouble viewing the video here you can also visit my Crafty Echo channel here on Youtube.

Hope you had a great weekend!
Have fun!


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