Refrigerator Liner

Hey Everyone!  Sorry this post didn't make it on the web yesterday.  The kids and I were busy making chocolate chip cookies and delivering them to a friend.  Today I'm going to share with you my liner for the refrigerator.  One of the best decisions I've made for our fridge.  I purchased this grip contact liner from Joanns for $7.99 after using my 40% off coupon.  It's great because I can cut the liner to be whatever size I need it to be and wash it whenever I need to wash it.

First you'll need to clear off your shelf.

Take your line and place it along the shelf.

Fold the liner over so you can determine the right length for your shelf.

Cut the liner to the appropriate length that you would like.  I chose mine to go a little bit past the edge of the glass on the shelf.  I didn't want crumbs and other food to get underneath the liner.

If you choose a pattern like I did, you can go off of the design to help you cut a straight line.  Line the back up and then determine where you want to cut the liner in your desired place in the front.  Again, I had my liner go past the glass on the front.

And that's it!  Finish the rest of your refrigerator, and fill it up!

 Finish the rest of your refrigerator, and fill it up!

Have fun!


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