New Refrigerator

Hey Everyone!  I've noticed a lot lately on the blogosphere there has been a lot of people showing your their refrigerators and how they are organizing them.  Back in the spring we had to get a new refrigerator.  Since then we have done some organization to ours and we love it!

In the spring we were spring cleaning our old refrigerator.  Taking it out piece by piece so we could clean everything.  On the bottom there were two drawers that didn't open right.  They fell off their tracks all the time.  The bottom shelf above the two drawers was broken beyond repair.  We also had been noticing for a few months that condensation was pooling on the bottom of the fridge.  We knew the time was in imminent when the fridge was going to bite the dust.  So we decided to bite the bullet and get one before we lost everything in the fridge.  The liberty of this was that we had time to research and decide on the perfect fridge for us.  We decided on the LG 28 c.ft. French Door Refrigerator.  We've known LG to be a good brand, it's style suited our tastes and it was reasonably priced.  We knew we wanted a french door refrigerator to optimally gain the space that we so desperately needed with a family of four.  There is plenty of space for our family and then some.  I wanted the drawers and parts inside to be easily removable for cleaning but also sturdy enough to hold what I needed them to hold.  

 One thing that we didn't want for our fridge was a water system in the door.  We compared the costs of ones with and the ones without and opted for the one without.  A fridge filter can be upwards of $50 that needs to be replaced every 6 months.  A Brita filter has to be replaced every 3 months... which costs $18 for four.  $100 vs $18 a year was an easy debate.  Another point was the ease of cleaning the water system.  A refrigerator one could be quite complicated, whereas cleaning the Brita filter is very easy.  Also, if my Brita water system breaks it costs $20 to replace it.  If the refrigerator water system needs to be fixed, it can cost $200 to have someone just come look at it.  The savings and ease of cleaning is why we opted for the waterless refrigerator.  The freezer can make ice if needed, but we've shut off that capability due to the cleanliness of city water, yuck!

Have you had to buy a new refrigerator lately?  What did you choose?

Stay tuned for some refrigerator organization!

Have fun!


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