Beach Cart Tip

Hey Everyone!  If you've been to the beach recently, you'll know that having a beach cart is incredibly handy!  Carrying the forty million things is a total pain in the rear.  But not everything goes easily on/in the cart.

This is the cart we have...

You can find it on Amazon here.  It's a great cart.  We've used it for two years and haven't had any issues with it except... what about the kids chairs?  Those little chairs just don't fit on the cart and you don't want to put them in the mesh part, you've got other things to deal with in there.

Then I had a genius idea... carabiners!  I attached a large carabiner to each side and then hung the kids chairs from each one.  It saves space and helps keep the chair secured to the cart.

What else crafty are you using a carabiner for?

Have fun!


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