Travel First Aid Kit

Hey Everyone!  Have you noticed how important it is to have a first aid kit when you're traveling?  I've experienced on numerous occasions the past three years how important it is now that I have kids.  Let me share with you what we take and how we pack it.

I have this old Amway case that I received in my teen years.  Back then I used it for my "makeup".  Now I use it for our First Aid Kit.

On the inside there is a clear pocket in the lid.  This is where I put the bandaids.  This includes the kid's bandaids, my bandaids, and large ones just in case of injuries.

The bottom sections hold most of the stuff.  On the left side is the injury section.  In the side zipper pocket holds the scissors to cut the gauze.  I also included medical tape.  One time we were at a party and Nycki fell onto concrete and ripped half her pinky nail off.  Thanks to having my first aid kit, I was able to bandage her up and make her feel better quickly.

On the right side is my medical section.  This includes aloe, children's ibuprofen, cortisone, my medication, and ibuprofen.  In the side pocket on the right is the syringe for the kid's medicine.

Do you take a kit with you?  What do you pack?

Have fun!


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