The Beginning of a Porch Reno

Hey Everyone!  How many times have you said, this should be an easy fix.  Then when you get started it becomes a whole lot bigger than you intended.  Yep, that's what happened with my side porch.  My porch isn't anything fancy.  Just a simple screened in porch.  This is what it looked like this morning before I broke out the pressure washer.

Beside the fact of it being completely and utterly disgusting (ie dirt and cobwebs), I didn't think it was too bad.  Some of the boards on the outside of the screen were starting to come loose, but that would be an easy fix.  But then I started pressure washing.  Um yeah... *sigh*.  Not looking as good as I thought it would.  Most of the dirt was gone.  The terracotta floor was looking better, but the white paint and the intense dirt was not going to come off.  For example.  This is what the railings were looking like before I pressure washed.

And then that lovely pressure washer decided to strip some of the loose paint off.  Mind you, this was my first time using a pressure washer.  I didn't anticipate any stripping.  Again... *sigh*.  While the pressure washer did do a good job at getting most of the dirt off.  It wasn't completely gone as I stupidly was hoping.

While, I will grant you it does look better.  It's not 100%.  So to this perfectionist, it was rather depressing.  You can see in the pictures above the parts where the paint was stripped, mostly on the edges.  Now this means that I'm going to have to roll down all the screen.  Save what I can, some of it needed to be replaced anyways.  Sand and paint everything.  And then put new screen back up.  Sooooo, while I'm at it I'm going to make it what I dream of then.  If I'm going to go through all that work, then I'm going to make it what I want it to be.  I've been inspired by this pin on pinterest.  I love the crown molding on the top of the columns, and then the bottom part underneath the railings.  I want to add a railing down the stairs like the one on the pin too.

The door will need to be repainted as well.  Oh, I'm dreading all those little window panels!  And the step out to the side porch will have to be sanded down and repainted.  I'm thinking a dark gray like all the rest of the exterior steps and trim.

I don't consider this to be a complete fail.  It's clean out there now.  But man I wish we would finish this darn shed so I can get to cracking on this porch.  Thank goodness I live in the South!  For now we'll continue working on the shed project and wait patiently to work on the porch.  I'm so impatient, so maybe I'll learn a few things along the way.

(Josh chilling on a clean porch)

Have you been disappointed by the start of any projects lately?  What's that saying?  "It'll only get worse before it gets better".  I think that saying applies to this project completely!

Have fun!


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