Packing Tips: For the Kids

Hey Everyone!  It's vacation time!  Yay!  I absolutely cannot wait to go on vacation, I feel like it's been a long time coming!  I've watched quite a few videos and blogs about packing and have come up with some of my own solutions.  Let me share them with you!

Ok, lets start off with packing stinks.  It's awful, all that stress to make sure you remember everything and keep it organized while you're away so that you don't lose anything.  Absolutely horrible!  On that note, here are some ideas to start out with on how to help with this horrible task.  For my kids they each use backpacks.  They're stuff is so small in size and the backpacks we use have many different compartments.  That helps with organizing everything into it's different sections.

 (oh cats, why do you have to lay on my bags?)

Most every bag has a tag for it with the person's name or whatever paraphernalia is in it.  All I did was print out the name or description in my favorite font "Blackjack" onto cardstock.  Then I cut it out to the size I want and then laminate.  Here I covered them with contact paper, they were made before I got my laminator for Christmas.

Inside each bag I group each outfit into a ziploc bag.  I'm not the only one who dresses the kids, and well... my husbands sense of combinations are, um, not always on point.  So by putting outfits together and then putting them into ziploc bags I'm helping keep things organized, put together, and my kids dressed nicely.  You can write on the ziploc bag and label them with what they're intended for or if they're something separate or specific.

Each child has their own toiletries bag.  Nycki's has one we had received from somewhere.  Turin's is the one that I made for him, you can see the post about that here.  Turin's bag carries his toothbrush, hairbrush, clippers, bodywash/shampoo, and hair gel.  Nycki's bag carries her toothbrush, their toothpaste, and bodywash/shampoo.  I found these cute bodywash/shampoo bottles in Target's travel section, super cute!  I've still got to figure out how I want to transport Nycki's hair paraphernalia.  Oy vey!

Each kid takes their own bag of their favorite toys.  This is Nycki's, it's a bag she got one year.  So cute!

What do you do to help keep your kids organized for your trips and vacations?

Have fun!


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