Packing Tips: For the Adults Part 1

Hey Everyone!  Are you getting ready for a trip?  Today I'm going to share how I stay sane while on vacation by posting some packing tips I'm loving right now.

Josh and I both have duffel bags that zip into themselves.  It's totally awesome for when you need to put the bags away!  The one part I don't like about them is that there are no compartments except for the one section on the side that I put our hypoallergenic soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.  We have really sensitive skin.  I watched one of my favorite vlogs on Youtube "Do It on a Dime" and got the tip to use bags for inside.  One type of bag she suggested was bags that lotions and things come in that have a zipper and are pretty sturdy.  Mine are the bags that my kids toddler bedding came in.

Another suggestion by Do It on a Dime was to use these bags you can get at the dollar store.

I'm using some of them and they're not too bad.  The plastic is a bit flimsy, but not too bad.  You just need to be careful with them.  They're 12inches by 18 inches, so they give you quite a bit of space.  Here it is full of some clothes.

Another option is to use large ziploc bags.  This one I got from work, but you can get them from the dollar store too!

Don't forget about your labeling!  I used my Epson Labelworks Label Maker, suggest by the wonderful Jen at I Heart Organizing!  I used black on clear tape and made my labels for each bag so that if there was any question of what was in the bag I would know.

Wednesday I'll show you my favorite toiletries bag.  It's really awesome.  I'll show you why!

Have fun!


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