My Favorite Toiletries Bag

Hey Everyone!  Going on a trip and need a great bag for your toiletries?  I found mine a while ago by LL Bean.  7 years later and they still have the bag!  It's called the Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag.  I have the medium sized bag, but they come in different sizes to suit your preference/need.  They don't have the same pattern, but they do have one similar.  Let me tell you why I love it!

This is my toiletry bag.  For me it's perfect!  It's extremely durable, it's been through many trips.  The only thing that isn't as durable is the mirror.  When I went on my honeymoon the airlines broke my mirror going through the baggage system.  A big chunk of mirror broke off from the corner.  The mirror is made of a plexiglass-type material.  The bag has many compartments, which make it great for organizing.  The pocket on the outside is where I put my lactaid pills.  It really bites to be lactose intolerant, but having my medicine easily accessible is a must.

The top of the bag has a hook so you can hang it up wherever you may need it.  The top two sections hold my makeup.  The smaller thinner compartment on top holds all the smaller things, the bottom holds the bigger things.  They hold quite a bit, but I don't tend to use much makeup, so these two compartments are just fine for me. 

The three compartments inside the bottom are where I put my deodorant, spray, and toothbrush/paste.  The bottom is where I'll put my jewelry organizer and vitamins.  The mesh pocket on the front is where I put my container of q-tips.

On each side of the bag are zipping side pockets.  This is where I put my razor and shaving cream.

What do you use to organizer your toiletries?

Have fun!


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