Beach Toe Nails

Hey Everyone!  After just recently getting back from vacation, I thought I'd throw out some ideas or tips you could use if you go on vacation to the beach.  Today I'll start with Beach nails.  
If you know me I like to make designs on my nails and paint them.  I can't grow them very long like some people, but they can still be decorated!  When you're at the beach don't even bother doing your nails.  It comes off your nails so quickly.  The sand acts like an abrasive and ruins your nails.  I thought I'd be all cute and put cute nautical designs on my toe nails.  Yeah, it only lasted a couple days.

I love the sand in between my toes and the wind in my hair.  But a girl has got to have cute toes!  If you can do without, then do without.  If you have to have them polished, then a clear coat would make it less noticeable.  You can see here how the polish just came right off.

Do you like the cat scratch on the top of my foot?  Got to love when your cat decides to run away from the kids and launch themselves off your foot.  Good times!  It's up to you if you want to paint your toe nails, but don't expect them to last very long.

Have fun!


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