4th of July Crafts

Hey Everyone!  I'm not the most techy person you'd ever meet.  My husband has be instrumental in being as techy as I've become.  He's amazing at fixing most all things technologically involved.  On Tuesday and Wednesday the internet was not working, no thanks Cox, no I don't want to buy your $120 router.  Then yesterday my computer was having some kind of issue.  I can't catch a break, first my hard drive dies, then the internet, then the computer again.  Ugh!

Anyhoot... this year I was determined to put together a 4th of July mantel.  Something I could build on over the years.  I saw this pin on pinterest that I wanted to try to duplicate.  This is what I came up with.

It wasn't very hard to do.  To make the map picture I had a spare frame.  Cut a piece of 4th of July scrapbook paper to fit the 8x10 frame.  Then I cut out of the USA map from navy blue piece of cardstock and stuck it to the 8x10 piece of scrapbook paper.  Next year I'd like to get a white frame that has wider edges.  More like the one in the pinterest pin.

For the plaques I cut 1/4 inch plywood to the size I wanted.  Sanded the edges, then painted the colors I wanted the plaques to be.

Then once they were completely dry I took clear contact paper that I had purchased from the dollar store and used that on my silhouette cutting machine.

I cut the contact paper to size and then typed out the designated letters and words into the Silhouette studio. Then I cut the contact paper on the vinyl setting.  It worked great!

After it was all cut out, I placed the piece(s) of contact paper (minus the letters) onto the painted plywood.  Made sure the edges were as sealed as much as I could make them.

Then I used my sponge brush to sponge on the white acrylic paint.

I had some help!

Right after I was done sponging on a section of the board, I peeled off the contact paper.  For the most part it did really good.  Because I used the cheap contact paper from the dollar store I didn't get perfect seals for the letter edges, but I was fine with that because the look went with what I was going for.  I touched up a couple areas, but otherwise they came out just fine!

I took some twine that I had and wrapped it around the God Bless America plaque.  Then I took a star I roughly cut out of plywood and stained and put it into the twine.  

Then I placed everything on the mantel and that's it! What do you think?

I'd like to make the yarn wreath and also get some 4th of July candles for the mantel too.  Life is all about what you make of it and the progress you make on it.  Keep progressing on!

Have fun!


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