Playhouse Renovation Part 4

Hey Everyone! Next up for the playhouse renovation is the garden edging.  Now if I was to do this all over again, I would put the edging in first, before I put in the dirt and the flowers.  But as it was I didn't have the edge made yet, so I had to do what I had to do.

First what I had to do was take my scrap wood and cut it.  In this case I used my leftover pallet wood from a pallet my coworker had given me.  The only problem I had doing it this way was that the boards weren't all the same widths.  It probably would look nicer and come out better if you used real wood that was the exact same measurements.  I used a pint can to make the outline for the scalloped edges.  I traced the top half of the pint can with a pencil.

Next I used my little handy dandy jig saw and cut out the scalloped edges.  It took a bit of maneuvering and a bit of time, but it got done.

Since I had already made the garden I had to dig the edge up.  A total pain in the rear end, which is why I recommend you putting in the edging in the beginning.  Once it was dug up, I put in the edge.  I leveled the pieces out as much as possible.  Then I pushed the dirt next to the edging so that the edging stayed up.

Once all the pieces were in, it was done! And there you have it, a neat little edge to the playhouse garden.  I love that it didn't cost me anything.  I used all scrap wood to make this cute little garden edging that'll help keep the kids from running through the garden. Or maybe not as much.

Have fun!


P.S. My hard drive died over the weekend, so please be patient with me!  Hopefully I didn't lose too much!  Thanks!


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