Nycki's Trunk: Drawers from the Dollar Store

Hey Everyone!  I found something really exciting at the dollar store for Nycki's Trunk.  They are these cute little plastic drawers that would be perfect for an American Girl doll.  I picked up 2 so that we could stack them and be taller.  More drawers, more storage, more space.

If you don't know what Nycki's trunk is, it is what I'm calling everything I'm gathering or making for Nycki for her American Girl Christmas that she'll have when she's 8.  Better to start now then to panic later! 

Aren't they just the cutest?  The pictures show them to be more pink then the purple they really are.  The little handles lift up and down.  I haven't taken the plastic off yet, because I want to be able to give that opportunity to Nycki when she opens her "trunk".  When the plastic is off they'll stack nicely.  They remind me of a miniature of Walmart's Sterilite Modular Storage Drawers.  This is how tall they are next to my American Girl Doll Samantha.

They'll be great for all kinds of accessories for Nycki's doll.  Right now she's wanting one that looks like her.  I wouldn't mind that, she's pretty cute!  Just like these drawers!

Are you saving things for your little girl and her future American Girl Doll?
Have fun!


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