Jewelry Organizer for Travel

Hey Everyone!  Are you having a great weekend?  Are you taking a trip?  Well if you are, I've got a great organizer for your little jewelry.  I found this organizer at Joann's made by Creative Options.  Joann's website doesn't show it online, but you can find a similar one here.  This one is bigger, but the same idea.  Or on Amazon, they have the exact one I got.  If you go to find it at Joann's don't forget your coupon, mine was around $2.

I like to take a select option of earrings and necklaces with me on my trips.  If you're taking something bulkier then you'll want to use your roll up organizer instead (more to come on that soon!)

What I like most about this little organizer is that it has sections.  I can separate everything into different areas.  Above is the side I put all my earrings in.  On the other side I put my necklaces.  Generally I wear the same necklace all the time unless I'm going out on a special occasion.  But when I travel I like to take a couple options in case I change my mind.

I was thinking about using some double sided tape and putting some cardstock on the bottom so you can't see the other side.  What do you think?

Have fun!


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