4th of July Wreath

Hey Everyone!  I wanted to make some 4th of July decorations this year that I would love.  I made a wreath last year, but I did NOT love it.  I tried a pinterest pin where you take plumber insulation tubing and duct tape it together to become a wreath form.  FAIL!  The "form" bent at the top and the middle, not forming a perfect circle.  I used it anyway and tied on cut fabric to make a 4th of July wreath.

Sad right?  This year that would not do!  I took a white wire hanger we had around the house and stretched it out to form a circle.  

Then I took the strips from the old wreath and tied them around the wire in the same way with shorter pieces.  I was taking advantage of nap time and having some mommy time watching Netflix and working on this project!


So much better!  It's thinner than last year's model.  But looks a lot better!

It still needs something... a couple stars on the blue?  A burlap bow at the top?

What do you think? 
Have fun!


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