Sofia the First Pillowcase Dress

Hey Everyone!  Do you like to make dresses for your little girl?  I haven't done too many for mine, but I've found a super easy one to do and I think it came out great.  It's the pillowcase dress!  I guess the reason they're called pillowcase dresses is because back in the day they used to actually be made out of pillowcases, but now they just look like them.  You can see a great tutorial at Aesthetic Nest.  I'm not going to bore you with how I made mine for now.  Maybe later, but for now I'll just show you what I did and explain it.

First I followed one set of directions, the dress was a bit too big.  So I had to make another one.

I chose a purple fabric with tiny dots and a white ruffle bottom.  The ruffle made the sewing a bit more difficult.  Doable, just more difficult.  As you can see, this dress was too the floor.  Make sure you measure your child and follow the suggested size for your size child.  I was going for a Sofia the First style dress.  Sofia the First has a purple dress with white pearls on it with a white underskirt.  When I redid the dress with a smaller pattern size this is what I came up with.

I used the same fabric with the second one as did the first.  Sewed a smaller ruffle on the bottom.  I used a white ribbon for my string for the top at the shoulders.  I used an iridescent white rick rack for around the edge of the ruffle to A) cover the joint and B) to give it a little pizazz.  I thought the iridescence brought out the princess in the dress.  I took a picture from online and printed it onto iron-on fabric transfer paper.  Read all instructions for this process.  I almost ripped her head off.  If it says to let it cool after heating the image, let it cool.  You don't want to rip anything off that's not supposed to be ripped off.  Nycole loves the dress.  I will decorate the first dress to match the second one so that she has one to grow into.

Pillowcase dresses are super easy to make.  If there was any dress for you to make for your little one, this would be it!

Have fun!


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