Playhouse Renovation Part 3

Hey Everyone!  Ready to see what more I have planned for this new cute little playhouse of ours?  I saw this pin on pinterest and fell in love with it.  While our playhouse is quite a bit older I knew we could make something like the pin ourselves.  Now let me preface this post with I am no gardener by any means.  I would say I have a brown thumb, then again I did kill a cactus once!  Nycki decided she wanted some pink and purple flowers in her garden.  We went to lowes and went straight to their 6 packs of flowers for $1.98.  We got two sets of pink flowers, 2 sets of purple flowers, 2 sets of yellow flowers, and 2 sets of light pink flowers.  Don't ask me their names, I have no clue.  We also were trying to think a head of next year and bought some seeds too.  Do you like our little "wheelbarrow"?

 First we started out by digging 1 1/2 foot wide by 5 1/2 foot long section next to the playhouse.  Once it was all dug we layered it underneath with cardboard.  The cardboard will prevent the ground underneath from growing weeds for at least two years.  Or so I've read on pinterest, can't hurt to try.  Then we filled each side with 4 cu ft of garden soil.

Then Nycki and I got to work filling the garden with flowers.  We took one of each color of flower and put one on each side.  Then we separated some of the flowers from their six-pack, dug a hole, and put the flowers in and covered it's roots.

Once everything was planted it was time to water.  I always remember my grandma telling me to water my plants after we transplanted them because they had been "traumatized".  I had a little help...


Another thing we did for the playhouse was give it some stepping stones.  We had some we weren't using so we moved them back to the playhouse.  And by coincidence my husband was home on break and was able to dig the holes for me.  Once the holes were dug, Josh placed the stepping stones in and jumped on them.  Now they're in and ready for some stepping.

And that was that for this part of the playhouse renovation.

And that's it!  Stay tuned for next week... there's more to come!

Have fun!


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