Playhouse Renovation Part 2

Hey Everyone!  Do you remember back in our day in our playhouses we had a dirt floor?  Now a days that's just not acceptable.  What we decided to do was to make a "foundation".  We measured out the area we needed, it turned out to be 4 feet by 4 feet.  We laid out the 12 inch cement blocks we got at our local Lowes for $1.51 each.  We dug around the layout and dug it all out.

Once it was all dug we had to make it level and pound it down.  I had some help with that.

We tried putting cardboard underneath to prevent weeds, but it made the cement blocks uneven and not stable.

We removed the cardboard and placed the blocks in one by one.  It took a while to get each one level and in the right spot, but we eventually got it.  Or at least to the best of our ability, and I broke one by bouncing on one too hard.  Well now it's got some character!

Next we filled in the cracks with dirt so that it would help the blocks be more stable.  If we encounter issues later we may end up grouting the cracks, but for now this will work.

Then it was time to move the playhouse into place.

And that's it!  Well, that's it for today anyways.  More to come on Friday!

Have fun!


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