Nycki's Trunk: Hula Hoop

Hey Everyone!  I'm starting a new tab on here called Nycki's Trunk.   I had this dream/vision to make a spectacular Christmas for my little girl for when she's 8.  What little girl doesn't like American Girl?  But have you seen those prices?  As you know I can be quite crafty, so you know I'm quite capable of making things.  My plan is to make things for her "trunk" over the next few years so that when it is that Christmas I'll be ready with a whole bunch of things for her and her doll.  Oh, and if you're worried we'll be making that Christmas special for the little man too, but Lego themed.  Here is a little craft Nycki and I did together.

First you'll want to gather all your supplies:

A hoop of some kind
Scissors (not shown)
Hot glue gun and sticks

For me, I got these hoops that were the perfect size from work.  First what I needed to do was glue the hoop together at the connector.  Just a little hot glue did the trick.

Take the beginning of the roll of and hot glue it at an angle.  Start wrapping around at an angle, gluing as you go.

When you get all the way to the end you'll fold the end over and glue it together so you get a nice clean edge.

Glue the end down, and that's it!  

Sorry about the crappy pictures, need to work on a charging station for my camera... hmmm!  Here's the final result, a cute little hula hoop for your American Girl.  Are you creating any crafts for your American Girl doll?

Have fun!


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