Lampshade Painting Fail

Hey Everyone!  So not everything on Crafty Echo actually works out.  I most often hope it will, but sometimes it doesn't.  This time it was a lampshade painting fail.  I had seen this post on Pinterest where the person had painted their lamp shade to be a different color.  So my naive self said, hey, I could totally paint mine.  Folks don't try it.  Recover it with fabric, sure, paint it, NO!  This is what I started with.

Pretty simple, nothing too crazy, but BORING!  I would love to bring some moroccan prints into my living room, they go with the nautical theme right?   So I cut this pattern out.  The one on the left was a stencil I was making, the one on the right was the inside pattern.  

 The stencil just did not work because of the shape of the lamp.  It's curved and it's angled.  So I ended up tracing the inside pattern onto the lampshade.  This is what it looked like after I had tried and tried to make it work.

See all those pencil lines?  It was a great big mess.  Then I started painting.  I used a combination of a textile medium and some sample paint I had picked up from Lowes.

It took me 2 hours to paint the blue!  2 HOURS I'll never get back!  I tried erasing the lines, but they were not going to erase.  Nothing I tried seemed to get rid of them from this fabric lampshade.

Not to even forget the patchiness of it all.  It was going to need a second coat.  Which of course went quicker, but still.  Then I decided to paint the blank spots with 2 coats of white because I couldn't get rid of the lines.  Another 2 HOURS of my life gone.  It was just like this.

Painted with lines showing through even thought I had painted a white coat.  Maybe primer would have worked, but I'm not doing anymore.  What a mess, what a time waste, and pointless.  So people don't do it, no matter what!  Here is what they ended up looking like with the lights turned on.

I'll have to get a new lampshade, probably a good Target one.

Have fun!


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