Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Hey Everyone!  Sorry about no post on Monday.  Do you ever have those days where you're just done?  It was an awful day at work, and then come home to find out that the one project (*hint* Turin is getting a toddler bed!) had to be totally redone.  It was just not my day at all.  But, have you seen the rage lately?  The infinity scarf.  Everyone is wearing them.  Some of them are really like scarf material, others are more cotton fabric.  I keep seeing them on Pinterest and decided I had to make one for myself.  I found some tutorials, but still struggled for some reason.  So maybe I can help you to make yours.

First you'll want to chose your fabric.  I wanted to find a nautical fabric, but Joann's didn't have any that I was thinking of.  I found this beautiful soft cream cotton with red/pink roses.  If you want to have one continuous tube then you'll want to get 2 yards of fabric.  Then you could make two infinity scarves.   If you don't mind a break in the fabric you can get one yard of fabric.  First you start by ironing your fabric.

Next you'll take your fabric and cut it in half lengthwise.  If you didn't iron it out, you can use the fold line as your guide to cut it in half.
Then you'll put the sides together (right sides together) so you make a long tube.

If you have chosen to go with one yard of fabric you'll need sew the ends together with the right sides together.  Then iron flat.  Then put the sides together to make a long tube.  Once you are done this part you'll want to trim off the excess.

Next you'll pull the fabric through and make it so the right side of the fabric is now on the outside.  On one end you'll fold the fabric inside half an inch, then place the other end of the tube inside the other end that you folded over.

Sew closed, and you're done!

Super easy project, with great results!
Have fun!


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