Closet Game Storage Renovation

Hey Everyone!  What do you do with your games?  We got into a bit of a situation... we had kids!  And those two cute little munchkins thought it was real fun to get into all the games and make a huge mess.  Well after about the 40 millionth time of cleaning up Jenga, we decided to find the games a new home.  Here's where the closet steps in.  We have this closet in our living room that didn't serve much purpose except for holding our coats and our vacuum.  What we needed was a closet that would still do those things but also hold the games.  Here is what we came up with.  This is what it looked like before we got started.

We decided we needed to put shelves in there.  We looked at the wire shelving you can buy.  We just couldn't justifying spending $60-$100 for shelves for this closet.  So we decided to go with wood.  We purchased a 1x2 (only $1.17 at Lowes) to be the supports and a couple 1x12 boards (only $11.94 at Lowes).  We cut our 1x2 boards to size, hey did you know that a 1x12 isn't actually 12 inches?  Learn something new every day.

We made all our measurements and cut our 1x12 boards to fit.  Since our house is so old the closet is not perfectly square, so there were a few issues trying to get the boards to fit.  This project was the first time I used the scary circular saw.  I still have all my fingers, but I think I'll keep letting the hubby cut with that tool.  Give me a miter saw any day!

All the supports were screwed in at the desired height, and the 1x12 were screwed into the supports.

The bottom board was placed directly on the baseboard and not screwed in.  Once everything was put together it was time to putty.  I used wood put and puttied all the screw holes and any gapes that there were between the board in the wall.  You could use caulk instead if you want to.  I just happened to be using wood putty for the screw holes so decided to use it on the gaps as well.

Sand your puttied areas once they're dry and then it's time to paint.  I decided to paint the shelves white to match the baseboards.

Touch ups were necessary on the sides the wall, no problem!  Don't these shelves look great?  And half the price of those wire shelves.  Time to fill with some games!

The games fit in there perfectly.  We left the bottom open for the toe of the vacuum to fit into.  On the top of the shelves is the Wii fit.  Simple fun exercise, it really did help me lose the baby weight!  The Wii fit being on top gives us easy access to it whenever we're ready to get our exercise on.  On the top shelf above the coats we put three bins we found at the dollar store.  One holds our Playstation stuff and DS stuff, one holds our Wii stuff, and one holds the small miscellaneous game stuff like cards and small games.  We did eventually put labels on the outside.

And that was it!  How about a little before and after?

 A simple little closet renovation to help our sanity get a little better.  Jenga anyone?

Have fun!


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